Dryer Vent Cleaning Requires Training

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A Certified Dryer Vent Technician Can Make All The Difference

When most homeowners purchase a dryer, they expect that they will have it for a good number of years before it needs to be replaced. That is why so many people are surprised to find their dryers not working as well as they should after just a year or two of use. Instead of purchasing a new appliance, consider having a certified dryer vent technician take a look. They may be able to fix the problem and avoid an unnecessary, costly purchase.

Regularly scheduled dryer vent cleanings go a long way toward maximum efficiency from your appliance.

Regularly scheduled dryer vent cleanings go a long way toward maximum efficiency from your appliance.

When a dryer has vents that are clogged, it has to work even harder to do the same job. The result is that it needs to use much more energy, which can often cause a spike in the family’s energy bill. In addition, the dryer may simply stop doing what it is supposed to do and clothes will still come out damp after several cycles and a great deal of wasted energy. A good cleaning can often solve these problems.

In addition to solving common dryer problems, a good vent cleaning can extend the life of the machine. Just as with any piece of machinery, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it in good working order. A certified dryer vent technician will be able to clean the vents thoroughly and, at the same time, make recommendations about any other maintenance that may be necessary. This can help avoid other problems before they begin and keep the dryer working for many years.

It may be tempting for homeowners to try to take care of their dryer vents on their own. Most people use the dryer every day and it does not seem like a very complicated piece of machinery. However, there are many different parts to a dryer and it takes training to be able to care for it properly. An untrained person who tries to take care of their dryer vents may end up doing more damage than good.

In addition to causing damage to the dryer, trying to do this type of work can be dangerous to an inexperienced person. It is important to keep in mind that special precautions must be taken every time someone deals with an electrical appliance. Someone without the proper training may make a simple mistake that could cause them to electrocute themselves. Saving the money on a professional technician is simply not worth the risk.

It is important to use not only an experienced dryer vent technician but one who is certified. Most will have their certification through the Chimney Safety Institute of America, which also deals with dryer vents. In addition to certifying technicians, the CSIA offers valuable information for homeowners. In addition to many informational articles, their website offers a tool that allows homeowners to find certified technicians in their area.

When it seems as if a dryer is malfunctioning, the case may simply be that it needs to have simple maintenance performed on the vents. This should be done annually, even if there is not a problem, and only by a certified technician. The Chimney Safety Institute of America helps train qualified dryer vent technicians and can be very helpful in finding a reliable, local technician to get the job done. This simple bit of maintenance can extend the life of the dryer by years and save money in energy costs over time.