Pre-Fab Fireplace – Ease & Comfort

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What is a prefab fireplace and why might I want one?

The term “prefab” gets a bad rap sometimes — people use it often enough to drop a sideways insult on boxy houses or assemble-at-home furniture. But prefab can be a thoroughly positive descriptor. When it comes to fireplaces, “prefab” is an indicator of a whole bunch of benefits, including quick and affordable installation, safe and efficient construction and broad flexibility, from placement to design.

Prefabricated or factory-built fireplaces are hugely popular nowadays — according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, they make up a full three-quarters of all fireplaces installed each year. And these benefits are a big part of why:

A pre-fab fireplace is generally less expensive than a masonry fireplace.

A pre-fab fireplace is generally less expensive than a masonry fireplace.

Benefits Of Prefab Fireplaces

Installation Flexibility

Custom masonry fireplaces and chimneys are beautiful, but a whole lot of work and time goes into their construction. Technicians need to install a concrete footing to hold up the weight of all that masonry, and account for proper clearance between the chimney and nearby combustible materials. Those factors limit your installation options a bit. A prefab fireplace, however, is made out of much lighter materials (glass and metal, mostly), so it won’t need a footing. And many units are designed to be zero clearance fireplaces, which gives your technician much wider framing options.

Broad Mix Of Design

We’ve installed prefab units designed to mimic classic masonry units, and we’ve designed modern glass and stainless steel fireplaces that open on two sides, creating a view between two rooms and an eye-grabbing focal point in both. Odds are, there’s a prefab fireplace that matches your design preferences to the letter — and we’d be glad to help you find it.


Between materials and labor, a brand new masonry fireplace and chimney can get pretty pricey. Prefab units, on the other hand, are made out of relatively inexpensive materials and are much quicker and easier to install, so they can be really affordable additions to your home.

Safety and Efficiency

Pre-fabricated fireplaces and chimneys are constructed together as a unit, designed to work together effectively, efficiently and safely. EPA-certified fireplaces, in particular, are made to meet exceptionally high levels of safety and efficiency, wasting little to no fuel and burning remarkably clean. Before pre-fabricated fireplace and chimney units hit the market, they have to pass strict tests to meet standards developed by the American Gas Association and Underwriters Laboratories. All that testing means you’re buying a unit that’s made to pollute less and produce more, with proof to back those claims up.

We love installing and maintaining prefab fireplaces for our customers — we’ve surprised more than a few homeowners who never thought they’d be able to enjoy their own fireplace by introducing them to these beautiful and affordable additions. Give us a call if you think a prefab fireplace is right for your home!