Something Stuck in Your Chimney?

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Say Goodbye to Your Chimney Blockages

Is your home’s safety one of your top priorities? Do you want to save yourself from spending thousands of unnecessary dollars on expensive repairs from damages you could have prevented? Well, we’ve got the answers that you’re looking for!

Since it’s the Holiday season, you are busy preparing your house for the coming festivities. This is also most likely the only time of the year when you get to check how your chimney is doing. Most of the problems of homeowners have something to do with chimney blockages. Here at Hudson Chimney the safety and well-being of our clients always come first, we want to give you a few trade secrets on identifying the culprits of these very common chimney blockages.

Has your fireplace started pouring smoke into your living room? You may have a blockage.

Has your fireplace started pouring smoke into your living room? You may have a blockage.


You have probably heard this being mentioned in TV commercials and promotional ads. Creosote is basically the Diva and superstar amongst all the common chimney blockers. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a particular by-product of burning wood on your chimneys. It builds up on the sides of your flue system. If left unnoticed, Creosote may accumulate and this can definitely lead to flue (or house) fires. It is highly flammable.


Things such as trash, tree foliage, leaves and other debris both natural and otherwise are also one of the most common causes of blockage. You would be surprised what we find stuck on people’s chimneys during regular inspections. Most homeowners are barely aware of what gets stuck up their chimneys. But without a chimney cap, the wind can deposit lots of debris into your chimney.


Small birds, raccoons, squirrels and animals and bugs are also one of the famous chimney blockers out there. Not only do they cause problems due to that blockage, but most of these animals (those unable to get out) create a nasty and putrid smell that can enter and spread to your homes.

What we can advise everyone to do to save more money and prevent further damage from happening is to get your chimneys inspected and swept often. You can also opt to get a chase cover or a chimney cap. Hudson Chimney is well updated with the technology that would ensure your safety and would help you from spending too much. So don’t wait until your chimney gets clogged, give us a call now and we’ll gladly help you out!