Time for a New Damper?

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One of the most important components of a chimney, the damper lets the byproducts of combustion escape from the fireplace into the chimney and seals out the outside air when the fireplace is not in use. Unfortunately, the traditional throat dampers found in most masonry chimneys are not very efficient as they do not form a complete seal when closed. An old damper can cost you a lot of money on both heating and cooling bills because the air from inside your home can leak through to the chimney. If your damper is old, you may want to replace it with a new top-sealing damper. At Hudson Chimney, we are proud to sell two of the most popular top-sealing dampers, the Energy Top and the Energy Top Plus from U.S. Fireplace Products. We would like to tell you a bit about these top-sealing dampers.

Top sealing Damper - Jacksonville FL - Hudson Chimney Inc

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Top-sealing dampers serve more than one purpose.

One of Hudson Chimney’s favorite benefits of this type of damper is that it can also be a chimney cap. When the Energy Top damper is closed, it does the same job of a chimney cap. For even better protection, the Energy Top Plus damper is equipped with a stainless steel chimney cap that allows it to serve as a cap even when the damper is open. The cap has wire mesh sides that will keep out birds and animals out of your chimney at all times. This is important because this kind of damper stays open when in the default mode for maximum safety. If the damper were closed when you lit a fire, your home would be filled with smoke and carbon monoxide.

Top-sealing dampers are easy to use and economical.

Both the Energy Top and the Energy Top Plus dampers have an easily accessible handle that makes it simple to open and close the damper. This handle is mounted inside the fireplace. We also like that the price for these dampers is very economical can can fit just about any budget

Top-sealing dampers provide a better seal.

These dampers use a silicone rubber gasket that tightly seals off your fireplace from the chimney opening. Studies have found that heat loss from the chimney is responsible for eight percent of your heating costs. With an Energy Top or an Energy Top Plus damper, you will see at least an eight percent savings in your heating costs. You will also save when you are cooling your home as these dampers will prevent cooled air from escaping from the chimney.

If you have a traditional throat damper that has been used for years, it is time for a new damper. Contact us at Hudson Chimney to learn more about our amazing top-sealing dampers sales and installation services.