Hudson Chimney: Now a CSIA Certified Master Sweep!

by | Professional Certifications

Hudson Chimney is proud to announce that Mark Hudson, owner and operator, is now a CSIA Master Sweep! This is a designation that is awarded to CSIA certified professionals who have gone above and beyond what’s required to maintain CSIA membership. They make efforts to stay ahead of others in the chimney and venting industry. How? By educating the public and putting consumer safety above all else.

Hudson Chimney Now a CSIA Certified Master Sweep Image - Jacksonville FL - Hudson ChimneyTo become a CSIA Master Sweep, a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) must maintain membership for a minimum of ten continuous years and be actively certified as a CSIA Certified Exhaust Technician®​. In addition to these certifications, the chimney sweep must complete many advanced courses to further their education and training in the chimney industry.

The Importance of Choosing the Best

When you are searching for a chimney professional, you shouldn’t look further than the best. The CSIA Master Sweep is an individual who puts consumer safety above all else. There are some chimney professionals in the industry who may go their entire careers without becoming a certified chimney sweep or master sweep. They may boast of cheaper prices, but their service reflects their lack of training and expertise. Master Sweeps, in order to maintain CSIA certification for ten consecutive years, have chosen to continue their training and commitment to chimney safety year after year.

CSIA Membership Requirements

  • Code of Ethics
    CSIA certified sweeps must adhere to a stringent code of ethics. This is designed to protect homeowners from scams in the service industry. What if a sweep is found in violation of this code? Their certification may be revoked, despite fees paid and training completed.
  • Continued Education
    Every three years a CSIA certified sweep is subject to re-certification by either continuing education credits or by examination. This is a vital component of maintaining a high standard for CSIA memberships. Why? The chimney industry changes frequently as technologies change.

Does it Cost More to Hire a Professional?

It will cost more to hire a professional to maintain your chimney than it will to hire an amateur. A chimney sweep that lacks the education, experience, and commitment that it takes to maintain CSIA standards is not worth your money! Additionally, it may cost you more in the long run. Hudson Chimney is committed to chimney safety and your safety. We have been serving Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas since 1979. That’s almost 40 years of service to this community!

Since 1979, we have continuously gone above and beyond our competition. We stay abreast of all the latest tools, trends, and major/minor code changes in the chimney industry. This is done by attending every class and conference available. It has paid off. Now our loyal customers in Northeastern Florida can benefit from our commitment to chimney safety even more, as all of our work is backed by the Master Sweep CSIA credential.

You can schedule an appointment with a Hudson Chimney sweep today by calling 904-282-4159 or request an appointment online!