Our Gas & Fireplace Sales (Stock Up Before Winter)

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Before you finish up with your summer maintenance, consider your fireplace. Does it match your home, your décor, and personality? Could it be more efficient? Safer? Perhaps your fireplace is old and worn out, hasn’t been updated or maintained in many years, and is costing you money! You don’t have to break the bank to update your fireplace before winter. Check-in with Hudson A woman and boy in front of a fireplaceChimney and we’ll tell you all about our gas and wood fireplace sales.

Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

If you have your own supply of firewood, there is no reason in changing fuel types. You may find that a new wood stove or high-efficiency fireplace can boost efficiency and safety and still offer the dancing natural flames you want in a fireplace. If you’re interested in wood fires and looking to upgrade with a new product, we can help you choose between a wood stove, wood-burning fireplace, or a wood stove insert.

Wood stoves burn efficiently and safely—many featuring a fire-viewing window. The wood stoves we sell and install at Hudson are top-of-the-line and come in a variety of styles. You can choose between traditional, rustic, and custom stoves and inserts as well as sleek, contemporary, and simplistic styles when looking at stoves, inserts, and fireplaces. Inserts are retrofitted directly into an existing firebox and vented up the chimney. Stoves and fireplaces offer more freedom for installation. Using appropriate refractory materials to protect your walls and floors, our technicians can install a stove in any space.

Gas Stoves and Fireplaces

For our customers looking for a bit more convenience and almost no maintenance, gas fires are the favorite. Our gas units are available as inserts, freestanding fireplaces, and gas stoves. For homeowners in our area who are looking to upgrade for efficiency, converting to gas is the best way to go. Gas models are beautiful, highly efficient, safer, and most are so convenient they ignite immediately and are controlled precisely with remote control! Our models range from contemporary to traditional, with beautiful fire-view windows, and even re-arrangeable logs to give the illusion of wood flame. If you want the beauty of a wood fire, but not all the hassle of firewood, ashes, kindling, and difficult-to-light fires, you want a gas unit. We have them!

Shop with the Professionals

When you’re looking to upgrade or install a new unit altogether, it’s important to only shop through the qualified professionals. Shopping online can result in wasted money, improper installations, and dangerous fires. When you’re adding a fireplace or stove to your home, you’re adding value. Make sure your installation isn’t detracting from your value!

When you shop with Hudson Chimney, you have access to the best products on the market and the most qualified technicians in the area to make your install. We are CSIA certified and experienced in repairs, installations, and more.

Whether you’re looking for gas log sets, gas fire products, or wood fire products, we can help you find what you’re looking for. Check out our sales for the best value today.