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Whether you know just what kind of wood stove or fireplace you want or you need help selecting the best heating appliance for your home, family and budget, Hudson Chimney can help. With several decades of experience sweeping and cleaning chimneys and fireplaces you can trust us to help you choose the right appliance from our selection of wood stoves and fireplaces, gas stoves and fireplaces and gas logs. We proudly carry the Regency, Hampton and Vermont Castings line of hearth products, which we love for their high quality, good value, clean burning efficiency and beautiful aesthetics.

Wood-Fireplace-Jacksonville-FL-Hudson-ChimneyHeating appliance installation should always be left to a professional, as improper connections and clearances can allow carbon monoxide into the home or even start a fire. Plus, codes and safety regulations mandate very specific guidelines for product installation. As just one example, regulations state that wood stoves must be placed in an area with at least 12 inches of fireproof material surrounding all sides of the stove—except for the side used to load the wood, which should extend for 18 inches. If these specifications are not followed exactly, the heating appliance could easily start a fire.

Pre-fab fireplaces, too, require the expertise of a chimney sweep. We often find hidden dangers due to poor installation, such as improper clearances, improperly connected pipe and substitute components. Combined with over-firing and general deterioration, these faulty installations can lead to home fires. Furthermore, you’ll want to consult with an expert to make sure that you get an appliance with the look you desire and the heat output that you expect from it.

Fireplaces in Florida

Just because we live in a warmer climate doesn’t mean Floridians have to miss out on the charm, warmth and tradition of a fireplace or wood stove. Plus, some heating appliances allow us to enjoy consistent, controllable heat even during power outages. A fireplace can also help you add value and efficiency to your home. Plenty of Floridians look solely for an attractive hearth and don’t hold great heat expectations. In that case, we may recommend a gas coal basket. If you do want heat from your fireplace, we can also help you choose a wood stove, wood-burning fireplace or gas fireplace insert, which can offer greater efficiency while also lowering costs for your hearth project. A gas insert, including the chimney liner, usually costs half as much as a complete chimney and fireplace renovation. We are happy to discuss all of your fireplace options with you and advise you as to which offers the best value in both the short and long term.

Wood Stove Installation


When installing a wood stove, there are numerous factors that must be considered. The first step of wood stove installation is to find a proper place for the stove. It is very important to set the stove on the proper type of flooring. It is vital that the stove not be placed on flammable or combustible material like carpet or hardwood. Ceramic tile and concrete are the best options since they do not catch fire. When using ceramic tile, you must place a fireproof barrier between the tile and any combustible materials such as wood flooring. Not only should the wood stove be placed on appropriate flooring, it must be placed a safe distance from all walls made of combustible material. As a rule, a wood stove should not be closer than twelve inches from any combustible wall. The stove can be placed closer if the wall is covered with a flame-resistant shield. Local building codes vary greatly in different localities, so always check with the building inspector’s office to be sure of the code in your area. We are also familiar with the building codes in the area, so if you have any doubts, feel free to ask!

Wood stoves must also use a qualified stovepipe to vent smoke to the outdoors. The stovepipe is one of the most important parts of a wood stove. The stovepipe should be made of double wall steel. This means that there is a larger stovepipe (at least two inches larger) around the pipe carrying the smoke. The stovepipe should not be closer than nine inches to an unprotected wall and it should not pass through any combustible materials through the roof.

Wood stove installations are a time-consuming process. Since a wood stove installation can be a complicated process when done right, it is usually always a good idea to hire a professional for any wood stove installation.

Let Hudson Chimney help you design the hearth of your dreams. Reach us at 904-282-4159.

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