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Chimneys are made of many parts, some hidden completely and some right in the open. All the chimney’s parts are vital to its function and should be assessed annually, repaired as needed, and professionally serviced. The damper is one part of the chimney that is completely hidden from the homeowner’s view, and it may be the oldest part—in most need of repair or replacement.

The Problem with Throat Dampers

Traditional masonry chimneys were equipped with throat dampers, commonly made of cast iron or another sort of metal. These dampers can become rusted over time, especially when the chimney hasn’t been properly maintained. Throat dampers can become rusted, become stuck in open or closed position, or even break. A homeowner may go days or weeks without even realizing the damper has malfunctioned. A faulty damper can cause a loss of heated or conditioned air, can raise the risk of flue fire, and can expose your family to toxic carbon monoxide gas.

Top Mount Dampers

At Hudson Chimney, we have been servicing chimneys in the Jacksonville, Florida area for over 30 years. When it’s time to replace a damaged throat damper, we recommend top mount dampers. Top mount dampers, also called energy top or energy saving dampers, have many benefits that you don’t see with a traditional throat damper.

  • Protect the chimney from top to bottom. The top mount damper functions as a chimney cap, keeping animals, precipitation, and wind out of the chimney opening. Unlike a cap, the top mount damper closes with an airtight seal. You don’t have to worry about water leaking into your flue from the chimney cap or debris falling into it. Your chimney will be closed at the top, protecting the whole flue from top to bottom.
  • Save energy with a top mount damper. The top mount damper closes with a tight seal so that drafts do not affect your home’s temperature. Not only does the damper prevent cold drafts from blowing in throughout winter, but it also prevents the loss of conditioned air in the summer. In fact, homeowners that chose to install a top mount damper save 8 percent on annual utility costs and up to 30 percent on heating costs!
  • Easy to install, replace, maintain, and use. Instead of installing a throat damper inside your masonry, you can choose to have a Hudson Chimney expert install a top mount damper on the top of your chimney. The installation will be completed in one appointment, and you’ll be ready to use your new damper. The damper is engaged and disengaged by way of a cord that reaches from the damper to the hearth opening. Using your new damper is as easy as pulling the cord. Just don’t close the damper when a fire is burning, because the seal will prevent proper ventilation.

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