Energy Top Dampers & Clean-Out Doors


If you’re searching for a reason as to why your energy bill is astronomical, you may want to look up—toward your chimney. If your chimney is not equipped with a top-sealing damper, you can likely blame your drafty chimney. The good news is that installing a fireplace damper is an easy, affordable way to lower your energy bill right away. Previously, dampers were made of cast iron and placed in the throat of a fireplace, but now most modern chimneys are outfitted with top-sealing dampers. Top-sealing dampers are a practical solution for upgrading chimneys in older houses that have never had a damper.

Would you like to save eight percent on your yearly utility costs, and up to 30 percent on your heating costs? Hudson Chimney carries Energy Top chimney dampers which come with a lifetime warranty and have the tightest seal in the industry. These dampers will help you prevent unnecessary energy loss, keeping you warmer and saving you money.

Energy Top and Energy Top+ Dampers have the following features:

  • When closed, the damper seals in your heat and air-conditioning while preventing the entry of birds, animals and insects.
  • The damper does double-duty, serving as a chimney cap when closed.
  • The damper has an easily accessible handle that mounts inside your fireplace, pictured above.
  • The damper’s unique mechanism makes it easier to open and close than traditional throat dampers.
  • The damper is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum so components won’t rust or corrode.
  • The damper always opens to the perfect pre-set height and defaults to open position for maximum safety.

Chimney Clean-Out Doors

Among other chimney accessories and components, Hudson Chimney installs chimney clean-out doors that will allow you to clean ash from your fireplace with ease. Not all chimneys have a clean-out door, which is the back door of a chimney where the trash is taken out. This door helps to maintain the health and function of your chimney. Clean-out doors are also valuable because they can help you detect problems happening inside your chimney flue interior. For instance, masonry fragments might indicate flue damage. Our chimney clean-out doors are available in a variety of sizes, styles and builds. Let our fireplace and hearth experts find the chimney clean-out door that is right for you.

Contact Hudson Chimney today to learn more about Energy Top Dampers or chimney clean-out doors.


Your chimney may need a chase pan or chase pan repair. at Hudson Chimney, this chimney service is part of what we do every day, so you can trust our expertise.

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