The Difference Between Gas Inserts and Gas Log Sets

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Gas fires are more and more popular among homeowners, contractors, developers, and property managers. Even the hospitality industry has begun using gas fireplaces in hotel rooms and cabins,gas log fire allowing for an extra level of ambiance for the user while also lowering the cost of central heating. If you have a gas fireplace and you aren’t sure what kind it is, we can help. If you’re looking to add a new gas fireplace to your home or property, we can help. There are many different types of gas fire units, including fireplaces, log sets, inserts, and stoves. It’s important to know what you have so that you can properly use and care for it. If you’re converting from wood to gas, it’s important to know your options so you can choose wisely.

Converting to Gas

A popular wood-to-gas conversion can be accomplished by installing a gas log set or a gas insert directly into the existing firebox. Your chimney professional may recommend this type of action if you’re looking to convert to gas without a lot of repair or fuss. The log set and the insert are very different, however, regardless of them using the same fuel type. Your chimney and fire expert will determine which is best based on a few factors: ventilation, budget, and need.

Gas Log Sets

If your budget is tight, a gas log set is a great way to convert a wood fireplace to gas. It will require a new natural gas line installed in or near the fireplace. If you choose a vent-free gas log set, you don’t even need to use the chimney. This is a great advantage if the chimney is in poor health. If costly repairs are out of the question, you can install a gas log set and close off the chimney completely. If your chimney is not an issue and the liner is appropriate for gas fires, your new fire can be a vented gas log set. It will burn with a beautiful, realistic yellow flame—unlike vent-free fires which burn blue—and will vent soot and harmful vapors up the chimney.

Gas Inserts

If the goal is to convert a wood fireplace to a gas one and your budget is a bit more generous, a gas insert is a fantastic option. Your gas insert should be ordered by a professional who has measured the space exactly. An insert is a closed unit that is retrofitted directly into the existing firebox. Attempting to install a unit that is too large or small can result in a fire hazard, and using a new insert with an existing chimney can lead to devastating results as well. Your chimney expert will need to pipe up from the new insert to change the chimney size to meet the new smaller capacity of your insert. Once it’s installed, the liner will give the entire hearth a whole new look. Inserts come in styles ranging from contemporary to rustic and everything in between.

Are you looking to convert an existing fireplace with a new gas log set or insert? We can help you understand which gas unit is best for your fireplace. You should only hire a professional to complete this work to avoid problems with your gas fireplace.