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If you’re looking for a fireplace that provides decoration and ambience, the time is right to consider using gas logs. The earliest models of gas fireplace logs weren’t very realistic-looking, but this generation of logs looks very close to real wood – they even have some rather authentic markings and knots. That’s because today’s logs are created from real wood molds and come with high-definition bark and natural colors. You’ll also find many types of wood styles available like oak, pine and white birch. Typically made of ceramic, ceramic fiber or concrete, gas fireplace logs provide realistic flames, giving you a real wood fireplace look and feel, without having to chop wood, haul logs and clean up so much mess. Hudson Chimney can help you determine the easiest, safest, most affordable and attractive way to use gas logs in your Florida home. We can install gas fireplace logs in almost any existing masonry fireplace, prefabricated wood-burning fireplace,and in some vent-less fireplaces.

Do I Need Vented Or Vent-Less Gas Logs?

Today’s gas logs are available as either vented or vent-less. It’s very important to make sure you use the appropriate type for your fireplace. Most vented gas fireplaces come equipped with logs already installed, but you will still be able to choose the style of logs. Hudson Chimney carries Regency Fireplace Products’ line of gas fireplaces, which are esteemed across the industry. We also use Golden Blount gas logs, a line that includes both award-winning vented gas logs, vent-free gas logs and Rasmussen gas logs.

Vented gas logs are not meant to heat your entire home, but they do offer a realistic flame pattern and a higher flame than vent-free logs. Vented logs are also great because they don’t require a carbon monoxide detector, and most of the smell goes up and out of the chimney.

Although vent-less gas logs provide a better heat output, and create less pollution, we do not recommend or work on them because of the high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.


My Chimney Sweep Says My Chimney Isn’t Safe To Burn Wood In. Can I Install Gas Logs?

No, not unless you want to invite carbon monoxide into your home. Vented gas logs produce soot and flames and require an operational chimney and fireplace suitable for burning wood. Your chimney is very important to the functionality and safety of your gas appliance.

Want to know more about gas logs? Please don’t hesitate to contact Hudson Chimney at 904-282-4159.


If you’re one of those folks for whom nothing beats the look, sound and feel of wood-burning fireplaces or stoves, then call on Hudson Chimney to help you find the right appliance for your home.

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