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Despite the fact that a fireplace is literally designed to maintain a living, breathing fire inside of your home, the materials used in the construction of your firebox actually play a huge role in its longevity. And while everything certainly has somewhat of a shelf life, if a firebox is not created with the right materials – those intentionally designed to withstand direct contact with flames and extreme temperatures – not only do you risk inefficient heating performance, but also the safety of your family and home.

Did you know that fireboxes easily (and regularly) get hot enough to crack normal masonry bricks? Kinda crazy, right? That something designed to closely interact with high temperatures and the results of combustion can still suffer the consequences of intense heat exposure. However, here’s the thing: fireplaces are not actually supposed to be made of traditional masonry brick and mortar. Chimney masons construct fireboxes using special firebricks that have been formulated for high temperatures. The mortar used to build your fireplace is also different from most brick mortar; called “refractory mortar,” it is designed to retain its strength even in extreme heat.

Fortunately, no matter the issue or existing damage to your firebox, Hudson Chimney has just the tools, training, and decades worth of industry knowledge and experience to fix it up nicely. When you trust us for firebox rebuilds and repairs, your appliance won’t just look better, it’ll perform better, too. To learn more or schedule your appointment, fill out this appointment request form right here, or give us a call at 904-282-4159.

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Is It Worth Fixing an Old Fireplace?

Absolutely. Investing time in rebuilding your fireplace is one of the best ways to enhance your living space and your fireside experience. After all, what good is it to even have a fireplace if it’s dirty, damaged, or altogether unusable? Even if you don’t regularly enjoy fires, dingy mortar and cracks in your hearth are certainly eyesores – especially when your fireplace is designed to be the focal point of the room. 

And if you do find yourself curled up in front of the fire most evenings, scheduling a firebox repair or rebuild will drastically improve your hearth’s performance. When the materials are cracked, crumbling, and falling apart, your appliance is simply not operating at its best. Not only can the heat escape through any gaps in your firebox’s brickwork, but so can the dangerous gases and toxic fumes inherently produced during combustion. This means that rather than traveling up and out of your flue and into the outdoors, the fire’s exhaust has a greater chance of turning around and filling your living space with smoke and the potential for carbon monoxide exposure.

At Hudson Chimney, rebuilding fireplaces is second nature. If you’re looking to finally schedule your firebox repair and have just been waiting for the perfect opportunity, this is it! For quality fireplace and chimney services like fireplace rebuilds near Jacksonville, FL, there’s no one better for the job than Hudson. Get in touch with us online, or give us a call at 904-282-4159 to get started and learn more today!

How Does It Work To Rebuild a Fireplace?

The actual process and operation of rebuilding a fireplace will depend on the reason for the service and what exactly you’re looking to achieve with the final product. If, for instance, you’ve noticed a crack in your fireplace hearth or your firebox mortar seems to be in desperate need of repair, we will have to tear out the existing materials and replace them with new. Seems easy enough, right? Remove old, flaky bricks and chip away at the already deteriorating mortar in order to start from scratch and install fresh materials.

Firebox Repair before and after photo-Hudson-Chimney

However, while building a firebox isn’t any more complicated than most other brick-laying projects, there are a lot more safety issues that need to be taken into consideration. For example, the permanent opening of the heating appliance (i.e. where the flue will be installed) will determine your chimney’s sizing requirements. Chimneys operate on the principle of air exchange and the fact that hot air rises to replace the cold air coming in. In order to function properly and efficiently, the amount of air entering the system must be proportionate to the amount of air exiting – both through the flue. And when a fireplace unit is not properly fitted with a flue that is the right size and shape, the chimney is not able to adequately remove and release all the harmful byproducts of combustion. Sure, large fireplaces add great drama to a room, but care has to be taken in the planning and construction of a large fireplace so that it performs properly without causing a smoking problem.

It’s because of reasons like these that it is so important to work with a professional when it comes to hearth building and venting. That way you can rest easy knowing that your fireplace and chimney are up to code, venting safely, and not posing any danger to your family or property. Plus you’ll get a better-looking, longer-lasting fireplace when you leave its building or repair to someone like Mark Hudson, who has rebuilt hundreds of them.

If you’d like to add your name to the long list of happy customers who’ve trusted Hudson Chimney with their firebox rebuilding needs, get in touch with someone from our team! You can reach us through our website, by filling out this appointment request form, or give us a call at 904-282-4159.

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At Hudson Chimney, we know the value that a gorgeous, well-kept hearth brings to both your living room and home as a whole. We also know how upsetting it can be when your firebox is looking worse for wear and no longer provides the ambient warmth and comfort it once did.

Fortunately, we have experience building, rebuilding, and repairing fireboxes and hearths of all sizes, to suit all kinds of needs, styles, and aesthetics. We take measurements for proper clearances, determine the venting system required, and help you choose the best fireplace for your family’s needs. Whether you’re interested in new construction or repairing a fireplace so it is once again safe for use, if you’re a Northeastern Florida homeowner, Hudson Chimney is the place to call.

Don’t leave your fireplace rebuilding or repair in the hands of the inexperienced. Trust us and we won’t let you down.

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A common repair for many chimneys is having it relined. That’s why Hudson Chimney offers this and many other services when it comes to chimneys and fireplaces.