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Did you know that a fireplace easily gets hot enough to crack normal masonry bricks? That is why it is important that your firebox be properly installed using the right materials. Your fireplace—also known as your firebox—has to be specially built to withstand high temperatures. Chimney masons construct fireboxes using special firebricks that have been formulated for high temperatures. The mortar used to build your fireplace is also different from most brick mortar; called “refractory mortar,” it is designed to retain its strength even in extreme heat.

And although building a firebox isn’t any more complicated than most other brick-laying projects, there are a lot more safety issues that need to be taken into consideration. For example, the permanent opening of the heating appliance will determine your chimney’s sizing requirements. When the fireplace opening is overly large for the size of the flue, the chimney won’t adequately remove the byproducts of combustion. For that reason, the amount of air entering the fireplace has to be proportionate to the amount of air that can exit the chimney. There are also other matters to consider when having your firebox built. Large fireplaces add great drama to a room, but care has to be taken in the planning and construction of a large fireplace so that it performs properly without causing a smoking problem.

For those reasons and more, it’s best to leave hearth building and venting to a chimney professional. That way you can rest easy knowing that your fireplace and chimney are up to code, venting safely and not posing any danger to your family or property. Plus you’ll get a better-looking, longer-lasting fireplace when you leave its building or repair to someone like Mark Hudson, who has rebuilt hundreds of them.


Those of us at Hudson Chimney have experience building and rebuilding hearths of all sizes, to suit all kinds of needs. We take measurements for proper clearances, determine the venting system required and help you choose the best fireplace for your family’s needs. We are also available to repair existing fireplaces, making them once again safe for use. Don’t leave your fireplace building or repair in the hands of the inexperienced. Trust us and we won’t let you down.

Want a quote for firebox building or repair? Contact Hudson Chimney today by calling 904-282-4159.


All the parts of your chimney, including parts you can’t easily see, can become damaged and require repair. If you need these masonry repair services, be sure to use experienced professionals like the ones at Hudson Chimney to get these chimney and fireplace repairs done.

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