Hudson Chimney Offers Numerous Chimney & Fireplace Repair Services In the Jacksonville, FL Area

Your chimney serves an immeasurably important purpose: it safely carries dangerous gases out of your fireplace, wood stove or furnace and, thus, out of your house. But, because the majority of the chimney is hidden from view, only a chimney professional can tell for certain whether or not your chimney is functioning safely and efficiently. Over its lifetime, your chimney system faces an abundance of enemies—among them water and wind, creosote and animals/insects like birds, wasps, bats, and opossums…it’s no wonder repairs are sometimes needed! And when they are, trust none other than Hudson Chimney for the best fireplace and chimney repair services near Jacksonville.

Our talented technicians will shore up your chimney against the elements and protect it from creosote, water vapors, and other pollutants. We’ll also keep pesky animals out. It is very important that your chimney is clean and structurally sound for the health and well-being of all the members of your household. This is one part of your home that you really don’t want to take chances with.

If you suspect that your chimney or fireplace needs repairing, don’t delay or waste time typing “chimney repair Jacksonville, FL” into your web browser to slog through the results. Instead, call Hudson Chimney today to get a professional opinion and a chimney evaluation. You can reach us by phone at 904-282-4159, or right here on our website by filling out this form.

Damaged flashing where the chimney meets the roof.

What Fireplace & Chimney Repairs Do You Offer?

Considering we’re a full-service chimney, hearth, and venting provider, we do it all. From chimney cap repairs and replacements to troubleshooting issues with the firebox, our team of Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified technicians is qualified to handle it all.

More specifically, we’re proud to offer the following fireplace and chimney repairs to homeowners near Jacksonville and the surrounding communities:

Questions about which fireplace or chimney repair might be best for you? Give us a call at 904-282-4159 or reach out online and we’d be happy to answer any questions and get you on the right foot moving forward.

What’s Wrong With My Chimney?

A chimney’s primary purpose is to funnel the dangerous fumes produced during combutsion up and out of your home. However, in order to host and vent fires in the first place, chimneys also help create a draft between your home and the outdoors that provides the proper air and fuel mixture for efficient operation of your heating appliance, too.

Unfortunately, though, like many other appliances, your chimney and fireplace system does not have a way to alert you when something is off. This results in homeowners continuing to use a damaged, inefficient, or unsafe chimney, simply because they are unaware.

That being said, there are some signs that indicate a need for attention and potential fireplace repair:

  • Sounds of dripping water
  • Soot or smoke stains on your walls
  • Smoke in your house
  • Strong campfire-like odor coming from your chimney
  • Differences in behavior and/or performance of your appliance

It’s important to note that soot stains contain carbon and when found inside your home are evidence of carbon monoxide and require immediate attention. Repairing fireplaces to promote and enhance your safety is what we do. Even if you’re not sure what is wrong with your appliance or what service you might need to schedule, reach out to us; we offer a wide variety of services for a wide variety of products. From various masonry repairs to gas fireplace repairs, in Jacksonville, FL, there is no one better than Hudson Chimney.

Schedule your appointment by calling 904-282-4159, or contact us through our website.

Masonry chimney flue masonry chase with custom outside mount cap with houses in the background.

What Are the Most Common Chimney Problems?

Here are some issues our chimney technicians commonly discover and repair for our customers:

  • The chimney flue or fireplace is oversized or undersized, too tall or too short
  • The chimney’s connector pipes are leaky
  • The chimney flue has cracked flue tiles or other structural defects or deterioration causing fumes to enter the home
  • The chimney damper is not open or working correctly
  • The chimney is not lined or the lining is damaged
  • There’s been a chimney fire that the homeowner is not aware of
  • The chimney is located in a one-story room of a two-story house that commonly suffers from negative pressure problems

If your chimney used to work well but doesn’t anymore, make sure to consider whether or not you have made any changes to your home that might affect its ability to properly draft. For instance, have you added a new room, weather stripping, replacement windows, new siding, extra insulation or a new appliance like a high-efficiency clothes dryer? In some cases, one of our techs can suggest things you can do to improve something like a smoking chimney. But, many times only a certified chimney sweep will be able to make the necessary repairs to keep your chimney safe.

Neglected chimneys tend to have cracks where water is getting in. And if left alone, a leaky chimney can cause significant water damage to your home. If you think your chimney may be leaking, call Hudson Chimney right away. We’re proud to offer high-quality chimney services in Jacksonville and beyond. Reach out right here, through our website, or give us a call at 904-282-4159.

Having Problems With Your Chimney? Schedule a Repair With Hudson Chimney Today!

Whether you’ve begun to notice signs of wear and tear, or your chimney/fireplace has been the victim of a recent accident, the Hudson Chimney team is here for you. To schedule your appointment or learn more about our company and the myriad of chimney services we provide to homeowners in the Jacksonville area, get in touch! You can contact us online, by filling out this appointment request form, or give us a call at 904-282-4159.


Taking care of chimney leaks is a chimney and fireplace service we perform on a regular basis. We aim to keep our customers’ homes safe and dry.