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When most people think of Florida homes, they don’t think of them having fireplaces. But plenty of us do—not only because the hearth offers warmth during the winter months but also because of the ambience and functionality a fireplace can provide. Even though the chimneys in Florida don’t tend to get as much use as those in different parts of the country, they are still vulnerable to the elements, to nesting animals,and to the dangerous build-up of creosote (a flammable, tar-like substance that lines the walls of chimneys that have gone too long uncleaned).


Neglect is another of the chimney’s biggest adversaries. Modern codes and safety standards have changed the way chimneys are built and maintained, meaning that there are still lots of older chimneys out there that need to be updated, capped or lined for safety reasons.

Chimney sweeping and cleaning is but one of Hudson Chimney’s services. Our work runs the gamut of preventative measures, routine maintenance and major repairs. We handle inspections and video scans, chimney relining, and chimney and fireplace repairs, including masonry repairs, mortar crowns, tuckpointing, firebox repair and rebuilding. We also install chimney caps, dampers, and chase pans and fix chimney leaks, waterproof chimneys and make flashing repairs.

With every job we do, we keep our focus on keeping you and your family safe from house fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. We do everything in our power to deliver peace of mind and quality services to every Hudson Chimney customer.

What Can a Chimney Service Do for Me?

  • Provide annual inspection of your chimney
  • Inspect and service your gas or wood-burning fireplace
  • Install and service your wood stove
  • Install and maintain your vented gas hearth products such as gas fireplaces, gas freestanding stoves, gas logs and gas inserts

What Might Be Wrong with My Chimney?


Unfortunately, your chimney and fireplace are up against a lot of obstacles; water damage is chief among these. To make sure that you and your family are protected from fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s recommended that you have your chimney inspected annually and swept when needed, to look for signs of water damage and to remove residues that may block the flue and prevent proper drafting. Sweeping will also remove flammable deposits that can cause a chimney fire.Our certified chimney experts know the chimney inside and out and can easily diagnose your chimney’s problem. Maybe your chimney isn’t showing any signs of problems, but you can’t remember the last time, if ever, that it was inspected, or maybe you’ve been seeing (or smelling) “symptoms” for a long while already. Perhaps there’s soot on your furniture or staining on your walls, a strong “campfire” odor in your living space, water damaged areas on the ceiling around your chimney, or crumbling or loose masonry.

Hudson Chimney can make sure that your chimney is able to stand up to whatever Mother Nature and time have in store for it. Call us today to schedule your annual chimney inspection.


Trying to decide whether to install a fireplace, stove or an insert into your existing fireplace? The team at Hudson Chimney can give you the facts you need to make the best choice for your situation.

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