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The majority of the chimney’s parts are hidden from sight. However, much of the chimney’s masonry is very much visible. That means it’s usually relatively easy to diagnose and repair masonry problems—like efflorescence stains, chipping and crumbling mortar, loose bricks, leaks or leaning chimneys. However, when damage is visible to the naked eye, it generally means that the damage that is unseen is in an advanced stage. That’s why it is important to schedule maintenance before you notice these visible signs of problems. It is crucial that your chimney’s masonry be in great shape to prevent leaking and the degradation of your chimney or other parts of the home, and to maintain the proper draft for safe and efficient chimney use. Cosmetic masonry problems can also sometimes signify bigger unseen structural issues within your chimney.

Ignoring masonry problems can add up to thousands of dollars in water damage and related home repairs down the line, not to mention put you at risk of a house fire. A chimney left unrepaired might be leaking toxic gases into your home or allowing sparks or flames onto your roof. If you have been putting off this repair, don’t any longer. Once your chimney begins to decline, things can go from bad to worse quickly.

Why Is My Chimney Mortar Damaged?


Continually exposed to wind, rain and extreme heat, Florida chimneys have to tolerate cycles of expansion and contraction. Over time, these cycles cause the masonry to decompose and crumble from the inside out. These cycles also create holes and gaps in the mortar, making the chimney structurally compromised. To make matters worse, brick and mortar are both porous materials, making chimney masonry vulnerable to the effects of time and Mother Nature. Maintaining chimneys that are safe and efficient requires regular inspection and cleaning by a certified chimney technician. If your chimney is repaired using the wrong materials or techniques, it will almost assuredly be unsafe and unsightly. Most chimneys need a custom mortar mix so that all masonry materials are compatible and so that your masonry doesn’t look “patched up.” Working with someone who lacks the education and experience to get the job done right the first time will end up costing you more money and more time.

If you have questions or would like to schedule masonry work on your chimney, please contact Hudson Chimney today at 904-282-4159.


If the crown for your chimney needs to be added, repaired or replaced, Hudson Chimney is ready to provide this important chimney and fireplace repair.

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