You May Never Consider Your Dryer Vents To Be A Fire Hazard – But You Should

A buildup of lint in your dryer vent system can be the cause of a major house fire, and even affect it’s efficiency. 

Keep the vents clear with a professional dryer vent cleaning!

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Why Make Dryer Vent Cleanings an Annual Appointment?

You may assume that clearing the lint trap is enough to keep your system clear, but unfortunately small particles often make it through the trap, leading to buildup inside the system. Lint isn’t the only problem though! Our experts have also seen that animal nests and debris can clog the vents as well.

Not only does the buildup of lint cause your dryer to work overtime (and less efficiently), but it also poses a major fire hazard for your home. Lint is very flammable, and accumulated lint can lead to reduced airflow and cause overheating which could easily start a fire.

Beyond routinely cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap, it’s recommended that you have your dryer vent professionally cleaned once a year. One good indication that your dryer’s venting system needs cleaning is if it is taking longer than normal for your clothes to dry.

If you notice problems with your dryer, call us to clean the vents before investing in a brand new dryer. 

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Came to my house and took no time at all. Fixed my chimney and thanked me for calling. These guys know what their doing and take care of there customers. Great rates, professional service, and organized.

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Why Choose Hudson Chimney?

Wondering why a chimney sweep company also specializes in dryer vent cleaning? Well, a dryer vent is not very different from a chimney; it just carries away moisture and flammable lint instead of smoke and wood debris. Hudson Chimney is trained to clean and install dryer vents.

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Our Promise to You

We know how frustrating it can be to find out that a service provider is being dishonest. At Hudson Chimney, we value the client/service provider relationship and promise we will never betray your trust in us. With Hudson Chimney on the job, you can rest assured that you aren’t being fooled or conned into paying for unnecessary or fabricated repairs or services. We value integrity and vow to always be honest and upfront with you. In fact, we never perform a service or repair without first explaining the problem and educating our customers on why it’s happening and how to prevent problems in the future.


Because each home venting system is different we can’t give our pricing accurately on our site. However, please call our office to discuss a quote and the factors that go into how we price our services.

Regular chimney sweeping is one of the most basic and important of our chimney and fireplace services, so get yours scheduled today!