Are You a Homeowner in Keystone Heights? Call On Hudson Chimney for Fireplace & Chimney Repair Services

You should be able to use your fireplace whenever you want to, but chimney damage can make doing so unsafe. Hudson Chimney is here for residents in Keystone Heights, Starke, Palatka, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Gainesville, Melrose, Hawthorne, Lake Butler, and our neighbors nearby. When you need fireplace repair services, we’re the right team for the job.

Keystone Heights is the perfect home for outdoor enthusiasts. There’s no shortage of fun activities for residents. For instance, you could spend the day horseback riding and end the night gazing at the stars at Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park. Then, there’s Keystone Beach on Lake Geneva – the ultimate spot for swimming and picnic spreads. If neither of those pique your interest, head into town to go antiquing at some of the local shops.

As much as you may enjoy fresh air and open skies, a day indoors can be a great reset when needed. Time in the house can seem mundane, but it doesn’t have to be – liven it up and get your fireplace going.

But what should you do if you see a puddle of water in the firebox when you go to light the fire? That’s a classic sign of a chimney leak, so you should reach out to Hudson Chimney. A leaky chimney is more than an inconvenience and should be taken care of promptly. Give us a call today at 904-842-3762 or set up an appointment on our website.

Keystone Heights Homeowners Can Call On Our Team for Chimney Repair Services

From annual chimney maintenance to unexpected repairs following a storm, Hudson Chimney is the go-to team for your chimney care needs. We’re proud to offer the following services:

With over 40 years of experience, there isn’t a chimney problem we haven’t seen. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with us.
Gas Log in New Factory Built Fireplace

Is It Normal for a Chimney To Leak After Heavy Rain?

The worst of the storm has passed, but that’s when you can hear it more clearly – the dripping sound coming from your chimney. It’s never happened before and the rain was more intense this time around…do you really need to be concerned?

The short answer is yes. A dripping sound is a red flag that shouldn’t be brushed off, and it’s likely an indication that you have a leaky chimney. Your chimney shouldn’t leak, even after bouts of heavy rain. If it does, it’s a sign of a much bigger issue and you need to schedule a chimney inspection – sooner, rather than later.

What Are Other Signs of a Leaky Chimney?

Water can have a devastating impact on your chimney and fireplace. When you see evidence of a leaky chimney, schedule an inspection to find the cause. It may be a simple issue like a damaged chimney cap, or it could be something more in-depth such as a cracked liner. It’s best not to put it off.

If you notice any of the following, contact Hudson Chimney:

  • Water stains on the walls or ceiling near the chimney
  • Rust on metal chimney parts
  • Peeling wallpaper or paint
  • Dripping sounds
  • Visible water in the firebox
  • Musty odors coming from the fireplace
  • Efflorescence – or chalky, white deposits – on the masonry
  • Mold or mildew growth
custom outside mount hip and ridge cap installed

How Can I Prevent Chimney Leaks in the Future?

If you’ve ever dealt with a chimney leak in the past, we know how much you want to avoid another occurrence down the line. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to help protect your chimney in the long term:

  • Invest in a chimney cap (ask us about our custom caps)
  • Install flashing between your roof and chimney
  • Have your chimney waterproofed
  • Check the chimney crown and flue liner for damage
  • Avoid burning green (wet) firewood
  • Don’t forget about annual chimney maintenance

When You Need Chimney & Fireplace Repair Services, Count On Us

Household repairs are always a hassle to deal with and chimney leaks are among the most troublesome issues. Hudson Chimney is here for homeowners in Keystone Heights and beyond. You don’t have to deal with a leaky chimney on your own – let us help! Call us now at 904-842-3762 or reach out online.


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