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A chimney chase pan (also called a chase cover) is a metal casing that sits atop your chimney to keep water and pests out. Here at Hudson Chimney, all of the chase pans we install are custom-made to fit your chimney – whether it’s a prefabricated appliance, or one made of brick. Many people think that these pieces are only ever factory-made and designed for use with solely prefab systems, but the reality is, more and more homeowners with traditional brick chimneys have been turning to chase pans over recent years in favor of the full coverage they provide. Vital in protecting against the elements (and water damage, specifically), chimney pans can breathe a whole new life into an older appliance.

Chimney chase pans typically have a lifespan of anywhere from five to 15 years. If you have noticed that your chimney’s chase pan is streaked with rust or damaged by nail holes or time, you don’t want to delay in having it repaired or rebuilt. Those of us here at Hudson Chimney cannot overstate the importance of having a chase pan in good condition. This simple repair can end up saving you hundreds, even thousands, in water damage repairs down the line.

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Stucco chimney chase with new chase pan and spark arestor

What’s the Difference Between a Chimney Cap, a Chimney Crown, and a Chimney Chase Pan?

We get asked this question a lot, and we understand why; it’s easy to get confused about the anatomy of a chimney. And with a variety of different sources naming the same things differently as well, it makes it very hard to know what’s what.

The breakdown looks like this:

  • Chimney Cap: serving as a sort of roof over the very top of your system (the flue, specifically), your chimney’s cap is the first line of defense against things like water, animals, and any other circulating debris that might otherwise enter your appliance. Chimney caps are typically constructed of either stainless steel or copper with screens all the way around to prevent small animals and birds from nesting in your chimney.
  • Chimney Crown: appearing as a thick slab directly below the cap and covering the chimney chase (or, the open cavity surrounding the flue) on a traditional brick chimney, a mortar chimney crown effectively seals off the rest of the structure against the elements. Without this essential component, your entire chimney would be completely open, making it susceptible for a hole host of dangers.
  • Chimney Pan: because of the structure and design of prefabricated chimneys, they can’t have a mortar crown installed, but still need to have that open part of the system protected. Hence the chimney chase pan: it is simply what you call a metal chimney crown.

Although they are different things, all three of these chimney components serve the same purpose: to keep the elements and critters out and the sparks and flames in. Still confused? Don’t worry; it took us awhile to get it all down pat, too. That’s what we’re here for – to help ensure you’re as safe and educated about your system as possible. Get in touch by filling out this appointment request form through our website, or give us a call at 904-282-4159.

Is a Chimney Chase Cover Necessary?

While a traditional metal chimney chase cover (pan) is not in and of itself necessary, it is necessary to have some kind of chimney chase protection in place. Think of it like this: without a chase cover or chimney crown, your system is like a fast-food cup without a lid. With the straw representing your chimney’s flue and the cup as the open cavity surrounding it, when your drink doesn’t have a lid, it’s that much easier for things to get inside. Obviously, there are many differences between a fast-food drink and your chimney system (without even considering the crude scale comparison), but the idea is the same: without some kind of cover and protection, both are somewhat compromised.

So, if you have a prefabricated chimney, yes; a chase pan is absolutely non-negotiable. But, if you have a masonry chimney, you have a few more options for your chimney protection. Whether you decide on a mortar crown or a metal chase pan is up to you, but without either one, your appliance will be inoperable. If you have questions or concerns about your options and what applies to you, feel free to reach out to someone from Hudson Chimney today!

For Chimney Chase Pan Repairs in Northeast Florida, Trust Hudson Chimney

Need to schedule a chimney chase repair? Are you interested in seeing the benefits of a high-quality chimney chase pan? No matter what you’re looking for – in terms of style, material, finish, budget, and more – Hudson Chimney is sure to have just what you need.

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