What In The World Is Tuckpointing?

What in the world is tuckpointing? It’s a kind of funny name for an ages-old but pretty straightforward task. Tuckpointing is also sometimes called pointing, repointing, or spot pointing, and it gets those names because chimney masons “tuck” mortar into the damaged areas between bricks, using “pointing” trowels to accomplish this. Tuckpointing repairs deteriorating brick and mortar for the purpose of locking out water and extending your chimney’s life.


A skilled tuck pointer will add many years of life to your chimney because he or she is stopping water from entering your bricks and consequently your chimney and your home. Tuckpointing is also sometimes done purely for cosmetic reasons, and it is especially effective at maintaining the appearance of historical chimneys. Some architecture styles actually rely entirely on tuckpointing techniques to build houses.

What Does a Chimney Tuck Pointer Do?

Tuckpointing is a fairly rare trade these days but still rather important. What makes tuckpointing an art is that it has to be done so that a chimney doesn’t look patched up but instead maintains a consistent style and color. So how does a chimney professional go about patching up brick and mortar without it looking “patched up?” In order to accomplish this, the chimney professional must:

  • Use special tools to replace existing failing mortar with new mortar that is formulated to match the original masonry’s texture and color
  • Apply mortar to open mortar joints and then “tool” it, smoothing out and compressing the mortar joint for a uniform appearance
  • Use a mason brush to remove “flashings” next to mortar joint and blend new mortar area into old
  • Wash off excess mortar from brick faces and roof if needed

With Hudson Chimney, you know you are getting the experience, knowledge, and craftsmanship required to produce the high-quality work you expect. With our comprehensive chimney systems expertise, we guarantee all of our work and look forward to working on your home. We know you will be satisfied with the results.

Hudson Chimney is available to perform any needed chimney masonry repair work, including mortar crown building and firebox repair and rebuilding. Schedule an appointment with a certified Florida chimney sweep today to have your chimney and fireplace inspected. Please call Hudson Chimney at 904-282-4159.


Occasionally, the firebox, which is where the fire actually burns fuel, needs to be repaired or rebuilt. An inspection by the team at Hudson Chimney can determine if you should have this fireplace repair and get it done for you.

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