HeatShield® Cerfractory Flue Sealant

If your chimney is in need of flue liner repairs, and you aren’t looking to rebuild or install a new one, there is a wonderful alternative known as HeatShield®. This “cerfractory” product combines the strength and durability of ceramic and concrete to resurface the lining of your chimney. The HeatShield® system is ideal for use in clay flue liners and can be used to completely reline your chimney or simply patch up individual areas. At Hudson Chimney, we are certified HeatShield® technicians and have the experience, training and knowledge to properly and effectively apply the product and give you the results you desire.

What Will A HeatShield® Repair Look Like?

Once a Hudson Chimney technician has thoroughly inspected the damage to your chimney, and you’ve both opted for repair instead of replacement, the HeatShield® process can begin. Using a video scanner, your HeatShield®-certified chimney sweep will record and document the damaged area and have a custom-fitted foam applicator blade made. This applicator blade serves the purpose of ensuring smooth and accurate results. Once the HeatShield® product is mixed, it is pushed into each individual damaged area and then smoothed over by the foam applicator blade. The tool and blade work together to ensure complete penetration of the product, with a smooth finish that is conducive to air flow. After the product is applied to all of the areas in need of repair, the HeatShield®-certified chimney sweep goes back in with the video scanner to survey his work. This video scanner will allow you to see immediate results and give you the assurance that the process was effective.

What If I Need My Entire Chimney Resurfaced?

If a Hudson Chimney technician inspects your chimney flue and decides that it is structurally sound but needs complete resurfacing, HeatShield® is your best bet. When having your entire chimney resurfaced, your HeatShield®-certified chimney sweep will thoroughly inspect and video-scan the lining of your chimney. Next, a foam applicator blade that is custom-designed to fit the parameters of your chimney will be created and placed at the bottom of your chimney system. A primer is then applied to the entire flu, and allowed to completely dry before any more steps are taken. Once the primer is dry, the HeatShield® product is applied and the foam applicator blade runs from bottom to top, smoothing over the product and filling all gaps and cracks. To verify that your flue is completely resurfaced and sealed, the HeatShield®-certified chimney sweep will once again go in with a video scanner and check the effectiveness of the process.

For more intensive needs, or for chimneys that lack a liner altogether, HeatShield® can be used in addition to a stainless steel sleeve. This process, known as the CeCure Sleeve Relining System, is also conducted by a HeatShield®-certified chimney sweep, and is customized to fit the exact dimensions of your chimney. If you think you may be in need of this service, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the process with you.


There may be other chimney relining options that work better for your situation, so let Hudson Chimney discuss the full range of their chimney and fireplace services with you today.

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