Have Strong Storms Done Damage To Your Chimney? Let Hudson Chimney Help!

Those of us along the Northeast coast of Florida get our fair share of severe storms and hurricanes – and unfortunately, that can be bad news for our chimneys. Has your chimney been damaged by a recent storm or hurricane? Don’t put off repairs!

Strong winds and heavy rains can devastate your chimney, ripping up flashing, removing or damaging chase pans and chimney caps, damaging masonry, and causing chimney crowns to wear thin. And if these issues aren’t taken care of swiftly, even more damage can be done by water that makes its way into the chimney and home. But we can help.

Our team provides expert chimney inspections and video scans and can take a look at your chimney from top to bottom. We’ll check your chimney cap, crown or chase pan, masonry, and look for any damage or entry points for water. Should we find any storm damage, we can promptly make repairs to protect your chimney and prevent any further damage. Our chimney and fireplace repairs and services:

We can also waterproof your masonry to protect it against future storms.

Don’t Wait – Have Your Chimney Inspected & Repaired Today

Whether the damage to your chimney is obvious or hidden deep inside, we’ll find it. We’ll use Chim-Scan video inspection cameras to get a good look at the interior of your flue – from top to bottom so no damage goes unnoticed.

To have your chimney system checked for storm damage, give Hudson Chimney a call at 904-282-4159. We’re here to help! We’ll even help with insurance claims by providing you with written damage reports and photographs. Don’t face the storm alone – call today!


One of the most basic services we provide for your chimney and fireplace systems is a thorough sweeping and cleaning. Let Hudson Chimney assist you with this necessary home maintenance task.

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