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Life in Green Cove Springs is the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living. Residents can visit Spring Park and go for a stroll by the river or learn about local history at the Military Museum of North Florida. Many also enjoy leisure time boating on the St. Johns River or exploring the bevy of boutiques and antique stores that line the streets of Historic Downtown Green Cove Springs. 

That said, some days have to be set aside for chores like finally mailing that package from the post office and doing a couple of loads of laundry. Your dryer can only do so much before the vent gets too clogged to function safely. When you need dryer vent services, turn to the team here at Hudson Chimney.

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About Our Dryer Vent & Chimney Services

Why is a chimney company servicing dryers and dryer vents? That’s a valid question. Dryer vents and chimneys aren’t much different – they’re both responsible for expelling exhaust out of your home. The chimney vents smoke, toxins, and wood byproducts, while the dryer clears out heat, excess moisture, and flammable lint.

In addition to dryer vent cleaning, we’re also happy to provide the following services: 

Why Do I Need My Dryer Vent Cleaned?

The Boy Scouts of America have an age-old trick for starting a campfire: lint. Those tiny fibers of fabric may look harmless, but lint is highly flammable. When it gets clogged in your dryer vent, it reduces airflow that causes the dryer to overheat and all it takes is a small spark to lead to a disaster. 

Think we’re overreacting? According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), dryers and washing machines are responsible for more than 15,500 fires each year with the majority of that figure attributed to dryers. In other words, dryers are one of the leading causes of residential fires and most homeowners don’t know it.

We know what you’re thinking – what about the lint trap? Doesn’t that stop lint from clogging the vent? Kind of. Research shows that lint traps are most effective when they are cleaned after every load of laundry. If you’re a bit forgetful from time to time, you could be contributing to the problem. Keep in mind that most lint traps are small and fill up quickly, so they can only catch a portion of the lint that your laundry produces.

How Often Should I Have My Dryer Vent Cleaned?

We recommend having your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year to start. After you get the hang of your routine, you can make adjustments. You might need two or three cleaning per year to be on the safe side if you’re doing large loads of laundry multiple times a week. If you see that an annual cleaning is too much for your household, you can discuss reducing your scheduled cleanings with your chimney technician.

Don’t Wait To Schedule a Dryer Vent Cleaning

Do you remember the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned? If you don’t, open up a tab on your browser, type “dryer vent cleaning near me” into the search bar, and click on Hudson Chimney. We’re here to make sure your home is safer by providing the best chimney sweep and dryer vent services in Green Cove Springs and beyond.

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