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Strong winds and heavy rains can devastate your chimney, ripping up flashing, removing or damaging chase pans and chimney caps, damaging masonry, and causing chimney crowns to wear thin. And if these issues aren’t taken care of swiftly, even more damage can be done by water that makes its way into the chimney and home. But we can help.

The Problem

Your chimney damage may not be obvious. A lot of the dangerous chimney damage is internal and can only be seen with a video camera up the flue. 

Whether the damage to your chimney is obvious or hidden deep inside, we’ll find it. We’ll use Chim-Scan video inspection cameras to get a good look at the interior of your flue – from top to bottom so no damage goes unnoticed.

When you leave repairs undone, you leave your chimney system exposed to the elements. Missing flashing or caps and damaged crowns or masonry can allow water to go directly into your system. When water enters your system, it can ruin walls and furniture, rust parts, and even cause respiratory issues to your family members.

Major reconstruction of our fire place from the bottom up was done professionally and seamlessly. We are extremely pleased with the results and we have enjoyed many hours of our new fireplace. We highly recommend Hudson Chimney for any type of work that involves a fireplace, from cleaning to major repair.

Alice, local homeowner

Hudson Chimney worked on two fireplaces in my home. One fireplace box had to be totally replaced due to age/ water damage and the other had to have fire brick replaced due to age and cracking. Both fireplaces were replaced in a very professional manner and the work looks like brand new units! Very Happy. Additionally, the work they did was extremely neat with no cleanup on my part! Mike
Mike, local homeowner


Our experience of over 30 years of operation in the area has taught us what to look for first when dealing with storm damage.

  • Masonry and Fireplace Repair
    Our technicians will look for and repair cracks, receding mortar joints, crumbing or cracking chimney crowns, and any other type of masonry shifting or damage. This commonly occurs due to high winds during a storm, and is worsened by prolonged water exposure.
  • Chimney Relining
    We look for damage to the flue liner. Depending on the type of liner in your chimney, our technicians may choose to replace it with a more durable liner. However, our chimney sweeps may choose to apply HeatShield® cerfractory sealant. This product is applied to an existing flue liner, leaving a new, heat resistant surface to your chimney liner.
  • Flashing Installation and Repair
    We look for flashing damage, because any damage at all will affect it’s durability. A single dent can affect the way the water flows across it. This may allow it to penetrate the flashing and the roof. Consequently causing water damage not just within the chimney, but in the home itself.

Hudson Chimney offers a full menu of chimney services and we want to be your choice for storm repairs. To find out more about waterproofing and damage prevention contact a Hudson Chimney professional today.


Our Promise to You

We know how frustrating it can be to find out that a service provider is being dishonest. At Hudson Chimney, we value the client-service provider relationship and promise we will never betray your trust in us. With Hudson Chimney on the job, you can rest assured that you aren’t being fooled or conned into paying for unnecessary or fabricated repairs or services. We value integrity and vow to always be honest and up front with you. In fact, we never perform a service or repair without first explaining the problem and educating our customers on why it’s happening and how to prevent problems in the future.


Because each home, flue and fireplace/chimney is different we can’t give our pricing accurately on our site. However, please call our office to discuss a quote and the factors that go into how we price our services. 

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