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Finding a chimney company that can handle all aspects of your appliance can be hard, but find peace of mind and efficiency when you work with our certified chimney team.

Hudson Chimney is located in Middleburg, Florida and has been providing quality, full-service chimney and hearth care since 1979. Whether you’re in need of a thorough sweep and inspection or a full fireplace rebuild, Hudson Chimney can help!

Live in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, or Gainsvillle? We got you covered.


Inspections & Sweeps

Inspections: need to be done yearly or whenever there is a major change to your system. 

Did you know that there are three levels of chimney inspection? The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) adopted these levels into code over a decade ago in order to remove inconsistencies in inspections and streamline the inspection process across the nation and the industry. All chimney inspections must now be clearly defined as Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3.

Your chimney sweep can advise you about which type of inspection your chimney needs.

Chimney Sweep: completed once a year at least

Hudson Chimney makes the chimney sweep process quick and painless, doing our job thoroughly and cleaning from the bottom of the chimney all the way to the very tip-top. For almost all chimneys, the sweeping process goes like this:

  • First we tarp the area in front of your fireplace so that your carpet and floor are kept clean. We also set up a high-speed dust collector so soot won’t enter your living space.
  • Then we sweep the inside of your fireplace, from the firebox floor to the top of the flue, using brushes on rods, hand brushes, and a vacuum.
  • We clean and adjust your chimney’s damper, checking to make sure the damper is assembled and installed correctly.
  • We inspect the exterior of your chimney, paying close attention to the mortar, brickwork, and crown.
  • We document our findings with photos or video footage, and then make sure that you receive a written evaluation of your chimney.

house with chimney and chimney capChimney System & Fireplace Repairs

Whether you need masonry repairs, mortar crown repair, tuckpointing, or even firebox rebuilds are team has the experience.

Or maybe, you aren’t aware that you need a repair.

Here are some issues our chimney technicians commonly discover and repair for our customers:

  • The chimney flue or fireplace is oversized or undersized, too tall or too short
  • The chimney’s connector pipes are leaky
  • The chimney flue has cracked flue tiles or other structural defects or deterioration causing fumes to enter the home
  • The chimney damper is not open or working correctly
  • The chimney is not lined or the lining is damaged
  • There’s been a chimney fire that the homeowner is not aware of
  • The chimney is located in a one-story room of a two-story house that commonly suffers from negative pressure problems

Whatever, the problem, we will make sure to keep your appliance working safely and efficiently.

Storm Damage

Those of us along the Northeast coast of Florida get our fair share of severe storms and hurricanes – and unfortunately, that can be bad news for our chimneys.

Strong winds and heavy rains can devastate your chimney, ripping up flashing, removing or damaging chase pans and chimney caps, damaging masonry, and causing chimney crowns to wear thin. And if these issues aren’t taken care of swiftly, even more damage can be done by water that makes its way into the chimney and home. But we can help.

Our team provides expert chimney inspections and video scans and can take a look at your chimney from top to bottom. We’ll check your chimney cap, crown or chase pan, masonry, and flashing, and look for any damage or entry points for water. Should we find any storm damage, we can promptly make repairs to protect your chimney and prevent any further damage.

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What to Expect

We know how frustrating it can be to find out that a service provider is being dishonest. At Hudson Chimney, we value the client-service provider relationship and promise we will never betray your trust in us. With Hudson Chimney on the job, you can rest assured that you aren’t being fooled or conned into paying for unnecessary or fabricated repairs or services. We value integrity and vow to always be honest and up front with you. In fact, we never perform a service or repair without first explaining the problem and educating our customers on why it’s happening and how to prevent problems in the future.


Because each chimney and fireplace is different, we can’t offer a price on our site, but if you call we will give you an estimate on what you can expect for each service.

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