What it Means to Be a Master Sweep

When it comes to your chimney, its services, and repairs, it’s important to schedule with a certified professional. Hiring an amateur, general contractor, or handyman may result in improper installations. When products are installed improperly or repairs are made incorrectly or haphazardly, it can result in increased fire risk and a drop in efficiency. An inefficient fireplace and chimney system is not only dangerous but can also cost you money!


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A CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep is a professional who has gone through hours of classroom and field training, rigorous testing and lives by a code of ethics. Every three years the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep (CCS) must recertify through examination or continuing education courses. Sweeps strive to further the CSIA mission of eliminating residential fires by educating the public and professionals.


Hire a Master Sweep for the Best

Those chimney sweeps who have gone above and beyond are able to apply for Master Sweep status. These chimney sweeps do everything in their power to stay at the very front of the chimney and venting industry. Applicants must be an active CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep who has held this certification for a minimum of nine consecutive years or 18 total years. Those that are interested in becoming a Master Sweep must complete the following courses in order to obtain the credential:

  • Chimney Physics (online or 2-day course)
  • Inspection and Report Writing (2-day course) or Diagnosis and Documentation
  • CSIA Masonry Repair for Chimney Professionals
  • CSIA Lining Masonry Chimneys with Stainless Steel
  • CSIA Rope/Roof Access
  • CSIA Advanced Masonry Repair
  • NFI Core Review + NFI Specialty Review
  • Advanced Inspection and Documentation
  • Master Chimney Sweep Comprehensive Burn Wise Course
  • 12 hours of CSIA online training (not to include reviews, lining masonry chimneys, or chimney physics online)

These courses are filled with valuable knowledge and information related to an ever-changing industry. Master Sweeps are expected to complete them in order to stay at the front of the industry in service, safety, technology, and standards.


NFI-Certified Master Sweeps

Not only does a Master Sweep need to be CSIA Certified, but also have an active NFI Certification through one of two CSIA classes. This requirement may also be fulfilled by having held an NFI certification for a minimum of six years, a current F.I.R.E. Certified Inspector, OR an Associate degree in Fire Science from an accredited college.

Once all requirements are completed, an application is submitted, and the one-time fee is paid, the process can begin. The Master committee will make a decision within 30 days, and the sweep can begin working under this new and prestigious title. If you have hired a Master Sweep with current status, you can rest assured they are current on all certification requirements, which means they have the classroom training to get any job done and done well. The Master Sweep signature is trusted by professionals across the industry and beyond. Hire a Master Sweep and your reports, repairs, and diagnostics will be appropriate for your attorneys, realtors, and more.

Sometimes, especially in regions that endure heavy rains and tropical storms, a chimney sweep isn’t enough. Sometimes your chimney needs a Master Sweep.

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