Real Estate Inspections & Your Chimney

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, you may want to take another look at the home inspection. A standard home is a general assessment of the entire house. If the home you’re looking to buy or sell has a chimney, it needs a home inspection and a chimney inspection. While the home inspection is an overall assessment of the whole property, the chimney real estate inspection is a thorough assessment of the entire chimney system—inside and out.

Chimney Inspections for Real Estate

masonry chimneyIf you’re working with a REALTOR or lender, then they might have already mentioned a home inspection. However, if your property is under contract, then you likely have a home inspection already scheduled. If your home has a chimney, however, it’s important to schedule a chimney inspection by a certified professional. A home inspection determines if the interior and exterior of the chimney are sound and the structure is “plumb”. A real estate chimney inspection checks out the chimney from top to bottom thoroughly to ensure structural soundness and it’s working properly. In the industry, this inspection is called a level two inspection, required when properties are sold or transferred.

For a real estate inspection, a chimney professional will take a look the following:

  • All accessible portions of the chimney interior and exterior
  • Chimney access by way of attic, crawlspace, and basement
  • Inspection of connections, working parts, firebox, and interior/exterior fixtures
  • A video scan of the flue interior

After your inspection, you should receive a written report from your chimney sweep, include photos and video footage. Once the chimney is assessed, any damage or repairs can be added to your real estate disclosures. If you’re the buyer, you can add stipulations to the contract for the sellers to complete the repairs.

Your New Chimney

A new home purchase is something to celebrate. The last thing you want is for the joy of the occasion to be clouded by the realization that your new fireplace isn’t safe to use. If your home inspector gives your chimney a clean bill of health, and you go ahead with your purchase without scheduling a chimney inspection, you may find that your chimney is actually a hazard.

Scheduling chimney sweeps and inspections on a regular basis keeps your systems safe and efficient. If you’ve never owned a home with a fire appliance or chimney system, no worries!

Call Hudson Chimney for your chimney needs

Contact Hudson Chimney and we’ll complete your real estate inspection. We offer a report, make a repair plan, and can take care of all your comprehensive chimney care needs. Our team members are CSIA certified, and we have been serving the Jacksonville area for over 30 years. We work with REALTORs, lenders, property managers, and real estate attorneys to bring prospective home buyers the safest and most comfortable fireplaces in their new homes. Reach Hudson Chimney at 904-282-4159, and schedule your real estate inspection today.