Is It Time For A Chase Cover Replacement?

Own a prefabricated chimney? Instead of a masonry chimney, crown and cap, you use a chase and chase cover! A chimney chase is a chimney with wood, metal, or vinyl siding in which the prefabricated chimney is inside this covering. The chase cover, or chase pan, is the metal equivalent to a mortar crown that typically sits atop a masonry chimney.

What Does the Chase Cover Do?

The chase cover, like the chimney (mortar) crown, keeps water out of the chimney. It’s vitally important that the chase cover is installed securely and properly. Why? So that it keeps water from penetrating the chimney! The chase cover is designed in such a way that water runs off of it, instead of pooling and causing rust and deterioration in the metal.

Typical Problems With the Chase Cover

Chase pans, or covers, typically last 5-15 years with routine maintenance and care. They are designed to withstand weather. However, they can become damaged by animals nesting and scratching the metal and creating a weak spot. Tropical storms and high winds can also damage a chase cover. This can quickly cause deterioration and allow water into the chimney, resulting in costly water damage.

Prefabricated chimneys are typically bundled in a sale. While the chimney may be high quality, the manufacturer doesn’t always use the best materials or design for the chase cover. When this happens, the chase cover doesn’t last as long as it should. It becomes damaged more quickly than expected and can be quite bothersome. This is why it’s important to choose a chimney sweep company that you know and trust!

Hudson Chimney has been serving the Jacksonville, Florida area for over 30 years. We know the area, the municipal codes, and the climate. When we install prefab systems, we use the best products, and finish with an inspection. We are happy to inspect your chimney – even if you recently had a prefab system installed by another chimney professional. Our aim is safety and efficiency for all our customers, new and old.

Let Us Help You

When Hudson Chimney assesses a chase cover for damage, a technician will first look for rust. This is something that you can look for as well. If you have seen rust stains running down your siding or along the edges of your chase cover, you most likely already have a problem. The cover will need to be replaced! Other signs of a damaged chase cover include: dripping, staining, or leaking inside the home around the chimney system – or even rooms away! Also, rusted parts such as the damper assembly, hinges on your door, and moldy or mildew-like smells from the fireplace.

If you’ve noticed signs of water damage, call a certified chimney sweep at Hudson Chimney to discuss your chase cover today. Do you have a masonry chimney? Ask about our custom chase pans for masonry chimneys. Call 904-282-4159 or use our online contact form!

Replacing Your Chase Cover

Protecting your chimney from water leaks is an important part of maintaining your chimney. If you have a prefabricated chimney, you likely have a chase that is built around its metal exhaust pipe. When you have a chase around your chimney, it needs to have a good chase cover (also known as a chase pan) that will keep water out of your chimney and chase. Water is the greatest enemy of chimneys, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). You want to be sure you are doing everything you can to prevent water from penetrating your chimney because of the damage water can do. Not only can water damage the metal components of your chimney, but it can also cause damage to the ceilings and walls in your home. Unfortunately, chase covers do not last forever and should be replaced when you notice any signs of damage. Hudson Chimney sells, installs, and repairs chimney chase covers, and we would like to tell you what you should look for to know it is time to replace your chase cover.

Replacing Your Chase Cover - Jacksonville FL - Hudson Chimney

How do I know if my chase cover is damaged?

Although you may have to get on your roof to get a closer look, you will probably be able to see signs of corrosion from rusting on your chase cover from the ground. Chase covers are made from metal, and the cheaper metals tend to start rusting pretty quickly. As soon as your chase cover starts rusting, the cover will develop holes in it, and these holes allow rain to easily enter your chimney. While Hudson Chimney can repair chase covers, if the cover is made from galvanized steel, the metal is probably to weak to repair. You cannot even clean the rust corrosion off of the chase cover because it could break apart.

What should I be looking for in a replacement of my chase cover?

You want to find a chase cover made from either stainless steel or copper. You also want to be sure the cover has been designed correctly. Look for a chase cover that has been designed with a slope from the middle to the sides so that water will run off of the cover and not pool on top in the middle. When water pools on top of a chase cover, it leads to quicker corrosion. Hudson Chimney can help you select the best chase cover for your chimney. No matter if you have multiple flues in one chimney or have an unusually shaped chimney, we can customize a chase cover to protect your chimney and chase from water penetration.

Is it time to replace your chase cover? Contact us at Hudson Chimney to find out how we can help you prevent damage from water leaking into your chimney with the perfect chase cover for your chimney chase.