Reduce Energy Bills this Fall by Adding Energy Top Dampers and Cleanout Doors

Did you know that your fireplace may be costing you money, even when it’s not in use? Your chimney may be the reason for that warm draft in the summer months that have you cranking up the A/C. It can cause structural damage and water damage if neglected, and should be cleaned and inspected routinely.

Prevention Saves Money

You can save money by taking care of your chimney. You should schedule regular chimney sweeps that clean away soot, creosote, and ash from the system. When you keep your system clean, it is safer and more efficient. A clean chimney is also more easy to detect malfunctions and performance problems. Annual chimney inspections also play a large part in preventing hazards in your system. These appointments, both the sweeps and inspections, are made easier when you have a clean-out door. Think of it as a backdoor to your chimney system, allowing access to the inside where you can easily clean out debris and ash, and get a look inside to determine when to schedule your next sweep. At Hudson Chimney we install clean-out doors for customers who are proactive, who’d like to take charge of their chimney system, and who would like to save money in the long-run.

Upgrades Save Money

When you are tired of feeding a fire just to maintain the same mediocre heat production, it’s time to find the problem. Up to 75 percent of heat from a traditional open fireplace can be lost up the chimney. In addition, the conditioned air escapes out the chimney opening during the summer months. This type of occurrence can be prevented completely by installing a top-sealing, or energy saving damper. This damper, unlike a throat damper, is installed directly onto the top of the chimney. It functions as both a chimney cap, and a damper. When the chimney is not in use, it closes with a tight seal that protects the chimney from top to bottom. This secure seal keeps water, wind, and animals out of the flue completely. It is easier to access than a throat damper for repairs and cleaning. It is even easy to open and close from right inside your house by your hearth.

We recommend energy saving dampers over throat dampers and standard caps for the added protection, but also for the money it saves our customers. An energy-saving damper can save you 8 percent on your utility costs and up to 30 percent on your utilities! When it comes to the benefits, this damper pays for itself.

Ask us about how installing energy-saving dampers and cleanout doors can improve your experience today and save you money in the future. You can speak with a chimney expert today by calling 904-282-4159.